The Delaware Counsel Group LLP welcomes resumes from law students seeking employment as summer associates as well as from experienced associate attorneys considering a lateral move.  Thanks in part to our size, we offer a unique learning experience focused on experiential learning with direct client contact.   We like to involve our associates in all aspects of client representation, providing a unique perspective of legal practice much different from programs offered at most larger firms.

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In just a few months at the Delaware Counsel Group LLP (“DCG”), I was exposed to an extraordinary amount of hands-on experience.  Law school and other summer associate programs simply do not cover the breadth and quality of experiences that I had at DCG.  I had the pleasure to communicate and interact with international clients, to attend an M&A reception in NYC, and to learn from the best attorneys in the industry.  I was given significant assignments and was taught to deal with matters from day one until closing day of each transaction.  The complexity of the issues and the fascinating clients also made this summer associate program like no other.
~ Andres F. Gonzalez, Villanova University School of Law, 2015



My time as a summer associate at the Delaware Counsel Group has truly been a valuable experience.  Joining the firm directly from my first year of law school, I did not know very much about Delaware corporate or alternative entity law.  Right from the start, I learned a great deal about the firm and the specialized advice it provides to clients.  I immediately assisted the founding partner and associates on a myriad of projects, which included reviewing and providing comments on limited liability company agreements, doing research and memorandums regarding corporate issues, and updating the annual treatise on alternative entities co-created by the founding partner.  In my two months at the firm, I gained more knowledge on Delaware corporate and alternative entity than I could ever expect to learn in a classroom.  The hands-on experience gave me valuable insight as to how a small firm is run and the hard-working, but nurturing environment made me feel like I was contributing to the firm.  I honestly could not have asked for a better firm to spend my summer with than the Delaware Counsel Group.
~ Kurt Campanile , Rutgers-Newark School of Law, 2014



My time at The Delaware Counsel Group provided me with an invaluable start to my career as a transactional attorney.  During the first week of my two month time at the firm, I participated in a client conference call, drafted voting provisions for a corporation, and researched SEC filing requirements.  I gained more practical experience at The Delaware Counsel Group in the first week than I have in all of my law school classes combined.  In addition to the skills I have learned, I am truly grateful to be able to work with such an efficient, friendly, and brilliant set of attorneys and staff.  Leaving the firm at the end of the summer I felt invigorated and excited at the prospect of returning to Delaware upon graduation and practice Delaware corporate and alternative entity law.
~ Allison McCowan, Wake Forest University School of Law, 2013



I had a great experience working as a law clerk at the Delaware Counsel Group LLP (“DCG”). I learned more about Delaware law in my first two weeks at the firm than I did in entire semester of law school Corporations class, proving that no matter how good the quality of your instruction, there is no substitute for working with real lawyers doing real work. DCG gave me the opportunity to produce a rough draft of a memorandum of law as well as a scholarly article. I participated in a conference call with clients on the West Coast, as well as witnessed a multiple-party real estate deal up close, helping to draft enforceability opinions for a series of bankruptcy-remote limited liability companies. My work for DCG gave me a clear understanding of the complexity, urgency and variety you experience working as a corporate transactional attorney.
~ Elizabeth M. Bennett, Temple University Beasley School of Law, 2013



My time as a summer associate at The Delaware Counsel Group LLC was extremely rewarding and a great learning experience. From day one, I worked closely with the firm’s founding partner and associates in all the day-to-day activities at the firm. I was able to sit in on conference calls, meet with both current and potential clients, and research important Delaware corporate law issues. I was also given the opportunity to complete an annual update of a treatise on alternative entities co-authored by the firm’s founding partner. This practical, hands-on experience is what makes The Delaware Counsel Group special. It not only helped sharpen my legal writing and researching skills, but also provided me with valuable insight into running a small firm. ~ Andrew T. Campbell, Villanova University School of Law, 2012