NAMWOLF Member Law Firm

The Delaware Counsel Group LLC (“DCG”) was admitted to membership of The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) in March of 2005.



NAMWOLF ( is a national trade association comprising a select group of minority and women-owned law firms who exhibit excellence in the legal profession.  The primary aim of the organization is to advocate for the utilization of minority and women-owned law firms by major corporations and public entities throughout the United States.

DCG is the only women-owned practice in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides counsel advising on transactions involving Delaware corporations and other alternative business entities.  NAMWOLF recognizes the value of law firms owned and operated by women and minorities, and we are honored that our firm can be a part of it.

NAMWOLF strives to recruit and admit only those minority and women-owned law firms that have a long history of representing major corporations and public entities.  As such, corporations and public entities will have an advantage if they choose to utilize NAMWOLF law members.

NAMWOLF’s goals with regard to Law Firm Membership include:


  • Selection of highly qualified law firms with a history of fine performance;
  • Verification of practice areas and office locations;
  • Appropriate practice liability insurance for member firms;
  • Certification of member firms as minority-owned or women-owned;
  • The highest quality of service for Corporate Sponsors and members of the Corporate and Public Entities Partnering Program; and
  • Nationwide coverage.