International Network of Boutique Law Firms

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The Delaware Counsel Group LLC is a member of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms (“INBLF”), an organization of highly regarded boutique law firms, each of which has been qualified as outstanding in each firms respective specialty. Each member firm practices, and is preeminent, in only one or two specialized areas. The purpose of the INBLF is, among other things, to ensure that each firms clients will receive only the highest quality legal representation, should that client choose to retain any INBLF member, and to provide a strong referral network among high quality law firms. The Delaware Counsel Group was selected for its expertise in Delaware corporate and alternative entity law. We advise clients on, and provide legal opinions regarding, the governance and operations of Delaware entities. Our clients consist of companies and/or law firms representing the interests of companies and the companies’ members with regard to compliance with Delaware law. 

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The International Network of Boutique Law Firms was founded in 2004 by Manhattan attorney Steven Spielvogel, a partner of the New York boutique law firm Gallion & Spielvogel, which focuses its practice on business and commercial litigation and independent internal corporate investigations. You can read the New York Times article about the creation of the INBLF here.

The INBLF grew out of Mr. Spielvogel’s commitment to providing his firm’s clients with the best legal representation available. When a client sought assistance in an area beyond Gallion & Spielvogel’s primary practice area, he wanted to be able to suggest a referral without reservation. Knowing that top-flight boutique firms could provide his clients top quality legal services with a high degree personal attention at a reasonable cost, he set out to identify local attorneys, in boutique practices dedicated to a broad range of practice areas, whose credentials, professional experience, and accomplishments were of the highest caliber.

After he assembled a network of preeminent boutique law firms in a wide array of practice fields in the New York metropolitan area, Mr. Spielvogel set out to establish and connect similar networks in other cities. He proceeded with the same objective: to ensure a uniform level of excellence by inviting only the highest quality single-discipline law firms to join the INBLF. His goal was to link these firms nationally into a single network capable of delivering the highest caliber legal services in a full range of practice areas throughout North America.


Today, the INBLF embraces hundreds of member firms in more than 40 commercial centers throughout the United States and Canada. You can see a list of these locations here. Each INBLF law firm and attorney has been meticulously screened to guarantee that every member attorney adheres to the highest professional standards and has achieved local and regional preeminence in his or her practice area.

More recently, the INBLF has expanded overseas to affiliate international strategic partners so that INBLF members can draw on legal resources around the world to serve their clients. It has recruited some of the most prestigious full-service law firms outside North America for association with the organization. The INBLF is now present in about 40 nations throughout Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. You can see a list of these nations here.

On October 13, 2012, at its annual International Meeting and Black Tie Weekend, the INBLF honored and thanked Steve Spielvogel, on the occasion of his stepping down as President, for his remarkable achievement in creating and building a prestigious organization that spans the globe.