Ms. Habbart will be one of the speakers on the panel that opens the 4th Annual International Bar Association Corporate Governance Conference.  The panel will address recent trends and Ms. Habbart will address dual class shares, a subject that triggers a great deal of debate among Wall Street , Silicon Valley and stock exchanges around the world. Given Ms. Habbart focuses on transactional law with The Delaware Counsel Group LLC, she contacted Stuart Grant, the co-founder and Managing Director of Grant & Eisonhofer P.A. to obtain a litigation perspective to share with the conference attendees.  Mr. Grant’s firm represented institutional investors that challenged Mark Zuckerberg’s proposal to obtain shares that would have enabled him to retain voting control of Facebook.   Ms.  Habbart has been active in the IBA as an officer of the Corporate and M&A Law Committee and currently serves as the Committee’s representative on the IBA’s economic sanctions project.